Orthodontics For Teenagers

Instyle Orthodontics and our team of dental professionals on the Sunshine Coast provide a number of options for our teenage patients to straighten their smile discreetly and effectively.

The developmental stage of growth experienced by teenagers is an ideal time to address their orthodontic concerns. During our patient’s teenage years they experience rapid overall growth and dental development. This changing phase of growth is an ideal time to receive orthodontic work. As the oral condition is changing and the tooth structure is not yet cemented, the smiles structure is malleable.

This malleable condition means that orthodontic treatment can be most effective. In addition to this effectiveness, the treatment time for orthodontic work in teenagers can be shortened and minimised as the teeth glide into place with improved simplicity. Once our patients reach 20 years old their teeth have reached their permanent structure. While our team can correct the smiles of our patients from Mooloolaba, Coolum Beach, Kuluin, Buddina, Maroochydore and the surrounding areas at any age, the earlier is often the better.

A diverse range of treatments

Here at Instyle Orthodontics our team understands that our patients’ teenage years can often be a time of personal growth, whereby the development of their self-confidence is crucial. We endeavour to provide teenage patients with a number of treatment options to ensure they choose a treatment that can make them feel confident about their smile.

Due to technological progressions in orthodontics, our team can offer a variety of treatments to ensure teenagers look good, whilst also feeling comfortable as well. Our orthodontic procedures for teens include:

Invisalign Teen

For teenagers that may prefer a more discreet option than traditional metal braces Instyle Orthodontics offers Invisalign Teen. Invisalign Teen is a virtually invisible orthodontic treatment that can straighten teenager’s teeth without the use of a noticeable orthodontic device. Invisalign Teen uses a series of technologically advanced aligners that discreetly guide the teeth into place.

While Invisalign is removable, it is essential that teenagers wear their aligners at the designated time to achieve the desired results. Invisalign Teen is also accompanied by built-in compliance indicators. These indicators will communicate if the patient has been wearing their Invisalign aligners at the appropriate time. This allows the patient, their parents and our team to work together to ensure that we reach the end goal of a perfectly straight smile swiftly and efficiently.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces is a fantastic treatment to help achieve rapid results for teenage patients. The tried and tested procedure of metal braces is often thought to be the most effective orthodontic treatment.

Our team strives to make our teenage patients feel comfortable and confident throughout their orthodontic treatment. During the initial consultation our team will discuss the various options available and tailor an orthodontic treatment plan to suit each individual.

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