Orthodontics For Children

Establish your child’s dental health at an early age in order to help them maintain a healthy oral future.

Our team in Maroochydore at Instyle Orthodontics believes in safeguarding the oral future of our youngest patients by providing them with an in-depth initial assessment.

The importance of early assessment

Your oral condition is most pliable in the early stages of its development. By addressing potential dental concerns at an early age, our team can strive to curb the development of harmful oral conditions for our patients in Mooloolaba, Coolum Beach, Kuluin, Buddina, Maroochydore and the surrounding areas. By examining your child’s teeth, as well as their gums, we can gain an indication of your child’s future dental development. Booking an early orthodontic assessment appointment can be extremely beneficial for your child as this meeting has the potential to:

  • Guide adult teeth into their correct positioning
  • Address the development of damaging dental habits
  • Curb or even remove any future need to extract misplaced teeth
  • Create room in your child’s smile to help curb of crowding teeth
  • Simplify later orthodontic treatments

Our team recommends that our youngest patients visit our dental professionals around nine years old. By conducting this initial assessment, our team can identify their particular orthodontic requirements. An early assessment can also ensure that we commence your child’s orthodontic treatment at the ideal time to optimise their results. In beginning your child’s orthodontic treatment at the ideal time, we can maximise their orthodontic results, as well as potentially minimise their treatment time.

Your child’s first orthodontic appointment

It is normal for your child to be anxious about their first visit to the orthodontist. Our practice is family orientated, therefor we strive to make our patients of all ages comfortable and relaxed. We have created a relaxed and fun environment in our practice to ensure that your child feels at ease when first meeting our orthodontist.  During their first orthodontic appointment our team will assess their existing tooth structure. In addition to this, we will examine the development of their jawbone and the structure of their smile.

Address your child’s oral concerns before they worsen

Early interception can also potentially reduce the complexity of your child’s later orthodontic treatment, as our team can utilise the development and growth of your child’s jawbone and facial structure. By reducing the complexity of your child’s later orthodontic treatment, we can also reduce the severity of the concerns. Our team here at Instyle Orthodontics can ensure that we give your child the best chance for a healthy oral future by monitoring the development of their teeth and their orthodontic requirements.

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