Conventional Metal Braces

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At Instyle Orthodontics on the Sunshine Coast we endeavour to offer our patients the swiftest and most effective orthodontic treatments.

Traditional braces are widely considered to be one of the fastest and most result driven options for straightening teeth. There is a wealth of history behind this treatment. This means the technology we use today is the most optimised available to our patients.

Your oral health is reliant upon a number of different features operating in your mouth. These include your gums, teeth and jawbone. Conventional metal braces can address and improve all of these elements. In turn, improving your oral health and enhancing your smile.

We offer metal braces to help correct the appearance of their smile and their oral health. Our team at Instyle Orthodontics service patients in Mooloolaba, Coolum Beach, Kuluin, Buddina, Maroochydore and the surrounding areas.

Treat both your smile and your oral health

Conventional metal braces are an advantageous orthodontic treatment. They address the overall function of your smile, as well as its appearance. Correctly aligning your jaw ensures that your bite accurately meets. It also allows you to relieve pressure from your teeth and your jawbone. This correction will also provide improved oral mobility. This can be noticed when speaking and eating.

A perfected procedure

Conventional metal braces are often the most commonly used orthodontic treatment. This means you can benefit from a wide history of improvements. Our conventional metal braces are much smaller than previous traditional braces. This decreased size means that the braces are far less noticeable. The size also increases comfort for our patients.  The metal brackets are no longer large or bulky. Meaning they fit into your mouth comfortably and easily.

Our conventional metal braces gradually apply pressure to your teeth. This will gently guides them into place. Our team values both your time and your comfort. For this reason, we indirectly bond your braces. We will indirectly bond your braces in a silicon tray before we apply them to your teeth. This ensures you will not have to spend upwards of 45 minutes with your mouth open while your braces bond to your teeth. We are then able to quickly and accurately apply the brackets to your teeth.

A treatment suited to you

We will tailor your conventional metal braces to ensure that we achieve the goals you desire. We do this within an acceptable period of time. If your teeth require extra pressure to encourage movement we can apply a number of different devices. Extra devices include elastic bands, expanders and functional appliances. All of these devices help to increase the speed and effectiveness of your treatment. We rarely remove teeth as we strive to retain and work with your natural teeth. In some instances extraction may be necessary. However, our team will only ever suggest this after careful examination of your dental condition.

Conventional braces can fit into your everyday life

The use of metal braces should not impact on your day-to-day activities. While there are a number of foods we recommend you avoid whilst wearing braces, you will still be able to complete your daily activities whilst wearing braces, including playing sport, smiling and chewing.  To ensure the effectiveness of your treatment you will be required to see our team every four to eight weeks.

Braces Sunshine Coast

You can tailor your conventional braces to your own style with our range of colour options. To ensure that you keep your teeth healthy throughout you orthodontic treatment we suggest you brush your teeth after every meal. This is in addition to every morning and night, to avoid stains. Your dental hygiene routine should also be supported by visiting your family dentist.

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