Cosmetic Braces

Enjoy enhancing orthodontic developments with cosmetic braces from Instyle Orthodontics in Maroochydore.

If you wish to benefit from the tried and tested method of braces, however you are concerned about the appearance of metal braces, then cosmetic braces can be an advantageous alternative. We offer cosmetic braces to our patients in Mooloolaba, Coolum Beach, Kuluin, Buddina, Maroochydore and the surrounding areas to help them achieve the smile they deserve discreetly.

Cosmetic braces are often only applied to the top arch of your teeth as this is the most visual part of your smile. They utilise the same straightening concepts as traditional braces, however they are designed to be less noticeable. The tooth coloured ceramic material will blend into your smile, allowing you to straighten your teeth discreetly. This can be a great option for  adult and teenage patients who are self-conscious about their smile.

The advantages of cosmetic braces

You can still benefit from the result driven effects of traditional braces when receiving cosmetic braces. Your cosmetic braces will function the same as conventional metal braces, however they will be translucent to blend in with your smile. Despite this, the ceramic brackets are more fragile and brittle than that of metal braces. This means that they can fracture more easily and the treatment time may not be as swift as conventional braces. With diligent care cosmetic braces can be an effective orthodontic option.

Our orthodontic team will assess your dental condition during your consultation and discuss if cosmetic braces are an appropriate treatment for your specific oral concerns. We will also develop a treatment plan specific to your requirements. Once we have assessed your smile we can give you the anticipated time frame for your orthodontic treatment, which is often somewhere between 12 – 24 months.

Maximising your treatment

It is crucial to maintain your oral health whilst receiving your orthodontic treatment. There are a number of steps you can take to achieve optimal oral health whilst wearing cosmetic braces. By taking these steps you can prevent the development of gum disease and tooth decay whilst wearing your cosmetic braces.

Unfortunately braces can pose as a slight obstacle when cleaning your teeth, this is why additional care is necessary. Food particles that need to be removed can become trapped or hidden behind your braces. To avoid trapping food and bacteria it is essential you brush your teeth and rinse after each meal. By brushing your teeth directly after you eat you can also ensure that you do not stain teeth that are exposed to food and liquids, as well as keeping your ceramic brackets unblemished.

Smile freely

Your cosmetic braces can help you reach your cosmetic goals in an efficiently and aesthetically pleasing way. You can smile without worrying about the appearance of your braces as the ceramic brackets will fit seamlessly into your natural smile.

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Cosmetic braces are designed to be less noticeable than traditional braces, and are made from a tooth-coloured ceramic material. They are often applied to just the top arch of the teeth, and because they blend in with the teeth, are a discreet orthodontic option.

Cosmetic braces function in much the same way as traditional braces, but because they are made from tooth-coloured material, they are more discreet. Ceramic braces tend to be more fragile than traditional braces, and can unfortunately break more easily. Traditional braces also generally work more efficiently than cosmetic braces.