Coronavirus (COVID-19)


We appreciate the growing concern and uneasiness that you may be feeling regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and countermeasures currently in place across the country. If you are worried about whether your or your child’s care can continue with us through this period, please rest assured we are still open and ready to look after you.
We are taking steps to make sure our clinic remains as safe as possible to give you the confidence that you can continue coming in to receive treatment and advice.
To protect you, our team and the wider community, we have implementing the following:
  1. Hand hygiene and cleaning practices over and above already strict protocols will continue to be emphasised.
  2. We have a contactless handwash station in our clinic for everyone to use immediately upon arrival. Hand sanitisers are also available.
  3. Be aware of the following prior to and whilst you are in our clinic: • Please brush your teeth before arriving for your appointment • Maintain hand hygiene by cleaning your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water at our hand washing station as soon as you enter the clinic. • Keep your hands clean in general: before entering an area used by other people, after using the bathroom, after coughing or sneezing, before and after eating food.
  4. Please limit the number of visitors coming to the appointment. Arrange for other family members or friends to stay at home or in the car during your visit to the practice. We do welcome one parent or guardian to come along to appointments if you have any queries about your child’s orthodontic treatment or they are too young to attend on their own.
  5. Practice good cough/sneeze etiquette by keeping away from other people, using disposable tissues or clothing (e.g. sneezing/coughing into your elbow), disposing of the tissues immediately and cleaning your hands thoroughly afterwards.
  6. If you have a cold, flu, runny nose, cough or believe you may be coming down with any respiratory illness, as a courtesy to other patients and our staff, please call to reschedule your appointment and seek medical assistance.
  7. Please call us to reschedule your appointment if you have travelled internationally or interstate in the last 14 days or if you have had close contact with a person suspected of having or with confirmed COVID-19, as you must self-isolate at home for 14 days.
  8. All magazines, books, toys, games, etc have been removed from our waiting area as these are high-contact items. Our waiting room has changed to increase the distance between people.
  9. If you do not wish to wait for your appointment inside the clinic please call to let us know you have arrived and we will call you to let you know when to come in for your appointment
If you are unsure about what to do or have any concerns regarding your future appointments, please contact us. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the best possible care.